Top 6 stories from the week: art, tacos, mortgage and weed

Top 6 stories from the week: art, tacos, mortgage and weed

Sunday’s weekly round-up

1. 40 years of Tacos: Kelowna restaurant’s resolve is harder than its burritos

When one speaks about taco resiliency, it’s probably about how much they can squeeze their hard shell before the green onions, cheese and beef crack the chip. But not on this Sunday.

Taco Time is petitioning to stay in the Dilworth Shopping Centre instead of being replaced with a Starbucks.

2. Pot industry requires ‘a lot of work’

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer took the time to speak about potential pot regulations under Conservative federal rule. He said that he understands its role in Canada’s growing economy, but there are still tweaks that need to be made.

3. Car crash reminds woman of giving birth

There were no reports of serious injury during the accident on July 6. However, one woman shares the story of how she gave birth to her daughter.

4. Kelowna residents need to save for 13 years for down payment on mortgage

House prices in Kelowna would need to be cut nearly in half for mortgages to be affordable for young people, a new study finds.

5. New art festival in Kelowna!

Kelowna will sport a new art market in July and August in the Cultural District’s Art Walk commons on every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and every Friday from 4 to 8 p.m.

6. Chief Louis calls bluff of Scheer’s sincerity towards Indigenous people

As Indigenous communities continue to push for citizens to understand the duality of Canada Day, Scheer speaks upon government and First Nations relations.

Okanagan Indian Band Chief Byron Louis is still weary of the Conservative Leader’s remarks and makes his case as to why.


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