Top money makers at Kelowna City Hall revealed

City employees making more than $100,000 per year has doubled in last five years.

Kelonwa is out with its annual list of how much its highest paid employees received in 2012. And the list of top earners at City Hall has grown.

Last year 59 employees—36 managers and 23 firefighters—received total remuneration of more than $100,000, up from 29 five years ago. The number of employees who received more than $75,000 in total remuneration grew to 256 last year from 123 five years ago.

As expected, the top paid employee was city manager Ron Mattiussi, who received $254,554. He was followed by community services general manager John Vos at $188,868, corporate sustainability general manager Pau Macklem, who spent most of 2012 running the Central Okanagan Regional District, at $188,796, executive director of business development Jim PAterson at $167,547 and airport director Sam Samaddar at $156,268.

The top paid firefighter was training officer Kenneth Jacobson who received $117,071, followed by platoon captains Tim Light, Dale Calhoun and Henry Roeofs,who received $115,847, 115,067 and 109,594 respectively.

No city worker represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees made $100,000 or more last year.

On Monday, Mayor Walter Gray defended the amount of money the city pays its staff and said he would prefer that municipalities not have to disclose the total remuneration its pays its workers as part of the mandatory annual financial reporting it must make public each year.

He said any employee that works somewhere long enough will see their wages increase.

“It’s unfair to people who work for local government and its unfair to the public because they don’t necessarily look at it five years back,” said Gray, who received just over $92,000 as mayor last year, with about one-third of that tax free.

Councillors receive about $31,000, with one-third tax free.

Gray said many of the city’s employees are highly trained and educated, listing MBAs and engineering degrees, as some of the qualifications some city employees possess.

“We have so many specialists involved in providing good government to our citizens,” said Gray, adding local government is different from the private sector in many ways.

However, in the past, one of the justifications for the salary paid to the city manager in Kelowna has been to compare it to as if he ran a private corporation with an equivalent work force handling an equivalent $100 million budget.

Here’s a list of the Kelowna city employees who received $100,000 or more in total remuneration in 2012:


Mattiussi, Ronald – City Manager    $254,554

Vos, John – Community Services GM    $188,868

Macklem, Paul – Corporate Sustainability GM    $188,796

Paterson, Jim – Executive Director of Business Development    $167,547

Samaddar, Sam – Airport Director    $156,268

Creron, Joe Civic – Operations Director    $144,363

Carlisle, Jeffrey – Fire Chief  $136,691

Gilchrist, Douglas – Community Sustainability GM    $136,023

Gabriel, Jim – Recreation & Cultural Services Director    $134,528

Grayston, Keith – Financial Services Director    $131,875

Westlake, Ronald – Regional Services Director    $130,729

Mayne, Rob – Corporate Services Director    $126,946

Berry, William – Design & Construction Services Director    $126,899

Wilde, Louis – Deputy Fire Chief  $126,112

Bagh, Signe –  Infrastructure Planning Director    $125,657

Gambacort, Shelley – Policy & Planning Director    $125,311

Cleveland, Randy – Infrastructure Planning Director    $125,010

Bayat, Mo –  Development Services Director    $124,864

Leatherdale, Stuart – Human Resources Director    $123,482

Brolund, Jason –  Dep. Fire Chief, Comm. & Emergency Programs   $123,154

Doherty, Thomas – Dep. Fire Chief, Adm,Trg & Fire Prev.    $121,045

Weaden, Carla M – Communications Director    $120,753

Muenz, Steven – Development Engineering Mgr.    $120,378

Fuller, David – Airport Operations Deputy Dir.    $115,459

Carr, Eric – Strategic Initiatives Department Manager    $114,577

Entwistle, Robert – Information Services Manager    $114,225

Smith, Ryan – Subdivision Approval Manager    $107,391

Wilson, Ian – Parks Services Manager $107,024

Graham, David – Strategic Initiatives    $104,762

Patan, Douglas – Building & Permitting Manager    $103,989

Fleming, Stephen – City Clerk    $103,474

Irani, Purvez – Roads, Drainage & Solid Waste Projects Mgr.    $102,535

Shaw, Joel – Capital Assets & Investments Manager   $102,220

Butchart, Brian – Systems Development Manager    $102,174

Sourisseau, Paul – HR Manager – Community Services   $101,494

• Van Vliet, Kevin – Utility & Building Projects Mgr.    $100,390



Jacobson, Kenneth – Training Officer    $117,071

Light, Timothy – V Platoon Captain    $115,847

Calhoun, Dale – Platoon Captain    $115,067

Roelofs, Henry – Platoon Captain    $109,594

Wallick, Steve – Captain    $107,393

Paley, Glenn – Assistant Training Officer    $106,866

Kelly, John – Captain    $106,866

Schleppe, Robert – Captain    $106,609

Serres, Lawrence – Platoon Captain    $106,810

Moore, Brian – Fire Administration Officer II    $105,959

Daft, Gregory – Fire Prevention Officer    $105,472

Miller, Dennis – Captain    $104,613

Hill, Timothy – Captain    $104,273

Barth, Neil – Captain    $103,888

Stephens, Kelly – Captain    $103,476

Golling, Ronald – Captain    $103,349

Pinda, Ronald – Captain    $102,791

Darchuk, Gordon – Lieutenant    $101,713

Hollier, Lawrence – Captain    $101,587

Buchanan, Robbie – Captain    $101,404

Bostock, Bruce – Captain     $101,378

Hall, Steven – Captain    $101,310

• Simpson, Eric – Captain    $100,552



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