Kayla Logan poses with Kelowna locals at the Sails. (Natalia Cuevas Huaico - Capital News)

Kayla Logan poses with Kelowna locals at the Sails. (Natalia Cuevas Huaico - Capital News)

Top stories of the week: McCurdy, small businesses, weed and skivvies

Here is a compilation of the week’s top stories to keep you in the loop

From a little bit of tender-loving-care to pot-shop inaugurations; here’s your top articles for the week:

1. McCurdy has the possibility to be reconsidered

The 30-day reconsideration mechanism is outlined in both the community charter and in the council procedure bylaw, meaning the mayor can bring back an item that had previously been approved, including the McCurdy housing project.

2. Stripping to skivvies for self-love

“I found that by dropping down to my skivvies in public I became empowered, liberated and started really loving myself,” said Kayla Logan, Instagram model.

3. Pot-shops are one step closer

The City of West Kelowna gave their final stamp of approval to the five legally accepted pot retailers in the city. City staff have sent their recommendation on the five shops to the British Columbia Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch.

4. Small business owners say the City doesn’t do enough

Some small businesses in the downtown core don’t think the city does enough to support them.

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5. Downtown co-op grocer in financial strife

One Big Table, a local grocery store, may have to close its doors after a difficult May. Owners are asking for local support.


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