Traffic, carriage home issues resonate

Traffic and parking issues in the North End neighbourhood of Kelowna.

Traffic and parking issues in the North End neighbourhood of Kelowna, around Prospera Place and the boat launch at Sutherland Park, are a concern to area residents.

North End Residents’ Association president Heather Rice said they would be interested in hearing candidates’ views on what plans they have to solve the parking problems generated by both facilities.

“Those are huge issues,” she commented.

“We’re still a small residential neighbourhood with kids playing in the street, so transportation and traffic issues are important,” she added.

North End residents would also like to know how candidates feel about the long-proposed second crossing of Okanagan Lake, Rice said, which would direct traffic through the north end and around downtown Kelowna and back to Highway 97.

“More roads don’t help the traffic flow. They just increase it,” she noted.

Perhaps a park and ride on the Westside would be a better idea, she suggested.

Other neighbourhood interests that irritate local residents include issues such as boats in Sutherland Bay, dog parks and the design and form of carriage homes, many of which have been built in the neighbourhood in recent years.

“They need to fit into the area. We’d like to keep the look of our old war homes,” Rice said.

And, then there’s the future of the subsidized housing project at Richter, Cambridge and Ellis, which was recently taken over by the province.

Residents are worried  about what the long-term plans for that property are now that the city no longer manages it.


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