Truck mirror swipes Enderby teen walking home

Family looking for vehicle involved in alleged April 8 incident on Mabel Lake Road

Truck mirror swipes Enderby teen walking home

The rumble of a truck engine echoed in the darkness as the sound of tires on the pavement rolled closer.

She could hear it creeping up behind her, when suddently a burst of pain struck her in the back of the head.

Pieces of plastic and mirror shattered on the ground as her stomach churned and a piercing pain took over her brain.

She looked up to see the tail lights of the truck fading into the distance, leaving her forlorn on the side of the road.

That April 8 evening, 18-year-old Faith Elliott escaped what could have been much more serious.

Aside from the concussion, Shyla Marie Elliott says her daughter was lucky the injury wasn’t worse.

“We are so grateful she is OK,” said Shyla.

But the alleged incident has left the Enderby family, especially Faith, shaken.

It was a Sunday evening that Faith was walking from a friend’s house along the narrow shoulder of Mabel Lake Road, when she was hit by the mirror of a passing truck.

“The truck didn’t even slow down or stop,” said Shyla. “She (Faith) didn’t have a chance to get a license plate or a good description because her back was to them. And she was instantly in shock and pain and disbelief. She just knows it was a big black newer truck.

“She reported it immediately to the RCMP and was told unfortunately not much would probably come of it.”

The RCMP did not report the incident and have failed to respond to Morning Star requests for information.

That has left the family to do some investigative work of their own.

“My sister went to the scene later the next day and picked up the broken pieces she could find. We aren’t sure if the RCMP took the actual mirror itself,” said Shyla, who was in Edmonton at a family funeral at the time with her husband.

“My sister was crying when she was collecting pieces of the mirror. She said cars were flying past her and she realized how serious it could have been.”

There are reportedly numerous near misses on the rural Enderby stretch of road, but this one was too close for the Elliott family.

“Mabel Lake Road has become an incredibly dangerous road over the years,” said Shyla. “People are impaired and frequently driving too fast.”

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With the remnants of that night in hand, the family has identified the vehicle as a Chevy truck, as it matched up to a friend’s truck.

“It’s identical so he said it’s likely to be a Chevy late ’90s to early 2000s, which there are a ton of unfortunately,” said Shyla.

But fortunately, there aren’t many missing the passenger side mirror.

“There is a truck being driven by a blond man that’s missing a mirror,” said Shyla, who has seen it, but couldn’t catch the plate number.

“But there are alot of people watching fortunately.”

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Truck mirror swipes Enderby teen walking home

Truck mirror swipes Enderby teen walking home