Two more incumbents want back on West Kelowna council

Brydon Winsby and Carol Zanon announce their intentions to both seek another three-year term on council.

If there was ever a doubt that any current member of West Kelowna council wasn’t interested in reclaiming a spot at the council table, it has been erased.

This week, Couns. Bryden Winsby and Carol Zanon both indicated their intentions to run for another term on council.

Previously, Couns. David Knowles, Duane Ophus and Gord Milsom had announced that they would attempt to retain their seats on council as well.

Coun. Rosalind Neis and Mayor Doug Findlater have both indicated their intentions of running for mayor.

Winsby said he was eager to continue building on what the District of West Kelowna council has already achieved.

“We have adopted an Official Community Plan that provides a vision and sets guidelines for the overall direction to be taken during the five years,” said Winsby.

“But there are several other master plans that are more specific in terms of determining how we get there.”

Master plans that haven’t been completed include transportation, water utilities, storm drainage and economic development.

Winsby said that he is especially focused on ensuring that the transportation master plan encourages “smart growth.”

“You drive around the place and you see the crumbling, you see the narrow roads, you see the kinds of situations that don’t make you comfortable when you think of larger volumes of traffic.

“We must ensure that large-scale development does not put undue strain on our roads, many of which were built to rural standards and are in need of upgrading.”

Winsby has been in the newspaper industry for most of his working life. He felt that this has given him a unique familiarity with important issues.

“It allows me a degree of background knowledge, having covered and observed and edited a lot of copy dealing with local issues. I’m pretty familiar with a lot of it.

“I continue to be the old skeptic I always was. I don’t pretend to be an expert, but it gives me some grounding.”

A 27-year resident of the Westside, Winsby is also the past president of the Glenrosa Residents’ Association and the Westbank Rotary Club.

Zanon is hoping to get elected for the third time.

She was elected to the first-ever West Kelowna council in 2007 and then managed to get re-elected in 2008.

Zanon said that her main areas of focus are on: preservation of the watershed, integration of master plans and strategies, land use and development through an updated zoning bylaw, infrastructure needs, energy reliability, transportation, an urgent care centre, community safety and financial stewardship to meet the challenges of 2013.

“All of (these matters) require an appreciation of due process, efficiency and good judgment, as well as a sense of social responsibility and social justice,” said Zanon.


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