Image: Twila Amato

Image: Twila Amato

Two vehicle crash on Harvey Avenue

Traffic is slow going on Harvey Avenue near Cooper Road in Kelowna

The driver of a Chevy Avalanche said he was stopped at a light on Harvey Avenue near Cooper Road when his vehicle was hit from behind.

Kevin Langdale said he was driving with his children when the collision happened. His three children were taken into the ambulance and don’t appear to have any serious injuries. However his daughter did seem to have a bit of whiplash and was being suited for a neckbrace by paramedics.

Steve Vreeswijk a witness to the crash claimed a White Dodge Ram hit the Avalanche three times, and didn’t appear to brake.

The two vehicle collision has stalled traffic westbound on Harvey Avenue at Cooper Road.

The incident happened just before 5 p.m in the HOV lane.

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