UBCO: Human kinetics students to create financial legacy

The human kinetics program at UBC Okanagan will be graduating its first ever class of undergraduates this year and they want to leave a legacy behind.

The human kinetics program at UBC Okanagan will be graduating its first ever class of undergraduates this year.

The students of the class of 2011 held an early celebration of their achievements on March 19.

At the celebration, the class of 2011 handed out a financial award to a current third-year human kinetics student aiming to graduate with the class of 2012.

The class of 2011 fundraised throughout the current school year with the funds to go towards leaving a legacy fund for Human Kinetics program.

Holding a variety of fundraisers, from bake sales to selling clothing, the human kinetics class of 2011 raised enough money to leave a financial legacy to the program.

“As the very first ever class of undergraduates of UBC Okanagan campus’ human kinetics program, the class of 2011 wanted to leave a gift to the program,” said Nicole Strachan, fourth year human kinetics student, during the celebration dinner.

“Many ideas were brought forward by the class of 2011. Eventually, the grads felt financially supporting our younger peers would be a great contribution to the continued growth and development of the human kinetics program.”

Samantha Edwards, the recipient of the award, will use the funds to pay for her UBC tuition. She will receive her financial award in late-August, in time to meet UBC’s early-September tuition payment deadline.

Edwards was presented the award at the March 19 celebration.

Based on her academics, and involvement in both the campus and local community, the human kinetics class of 2011 felt she was very deserving of the award.

Edwards plans to work with children upon graduation. “After graduation, I plan on promoting the field of human kinetics by being involved with children and adolescents in a variety of ways,” explained Edwards.

“Teaching other generations to live a healthy lifestyle can be done by working in schools and with the school districts, will give us a chance to promote healthy lifestyles and reverse the physical activity decline,” she said.


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