UBCO students choose to keep their U-PASS

On Nov. 18, students at UBC Okanagan voted to keep their Universal Bus Pass (U-PASS) at a new fee.

On Nov. 18, students at UBC Okanagan voted to keep their Universal Bus Pass (U-PASS) at a new fee.

“Today, we thank students for their ongoing support of transit,” said Mike Kittmer, City of Kelowna active transportation coordinator.

“Progressive programs such as U-PASS help to ensure UBC students and the communities of the Central Okanagan are taking real steps toward using more active forms of transportation.”

Unofficial results show that more than 900 students voted, which surpassed the 500 quorum necessary for a valid referendum.

Nearly 90 per cent of student voters voted in favour of a modest fare increase. Official, ratified results will be released later today.

“On behalf of all the partners for the Kelowna Regional Transit System, we’d like to thank the students for their continued support for transit,” added Manuel Achadinha, president and CEO of BC Transit.

“With their input, we will continue to make transit an effective system that meets the needs of residents throughout the Central Okanagan.”

More than one-quarter of UBC students in Kelowna used transit as their primary mode of transportation in the 2010-11 school year.

The Kelowna Regional Transit system and ridership continue to improve every year.

For details on planned enhancements, visit www.bctransit.com/transitfuture and view the Central Okanagan Transit Future Plan.

“Commitments by the city and the province of B.C. to reduce green house gas emissions by 33 per cent, coupled with the university’s commitment to sustainability, creates a tall order,” said Doug Owram, deputy vice-chancellor and principal of UBC’s Okanagan campus.

“We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate our students who choose to take transit and contribute to the community’s sustainability goals.”

In September 2012, students at UBC Okanagan will continue to enjoy their discounted U-PASS at the new price of $54 a semester ($13.50 per month), an increase of $9 a semester, or $2.25 per month.

When compared to a regular adult monthly fare, which also has a new price as a result of regular transit increases, the U-PASS costs far less at four months for the price of one.

For more information about the UBC Okanagan U-PASS, visit kelowna.ca/transportation.