Urgent call out for home for Syrian refugee family in Kelowna

After several 'promising' leads fell through, the family of eight has just a few days to find a home.

Update: Kelowna Community Resources was not successful in finding a new home for a local Syrian refugee family by the May 1 deadline it was facing, but said it did secure temporary housing for the family for the next few weeks. Despite the inability to find somewhere permanent for the family of eight by art weekend, KCR says it is continuing the search and wants anyone with any possible leads to contact it as soon as possible.

Original story: Kelowna Community Resources has issued an urgent appeal for help in finding a home for a recently arrived Syrian refugee family after a number of what appeared to be promising leads fell through.

Katelin Mitchell, immigrant services manager with KCR said officials with her organization have been working on finding a large two-bedroom or three bedroom home for the family of eight for the last month but have been unsuccessful.

Now, with just days to go before the family has to leave the rented accommodation they have been in for the last six weeks since arriving here March 7, the situation has become desperate.

“We are asking everyone to let us know if they have any information about a place,” said Mitchell.

She said the family, two adults and six children all under the age of nine, have to be out of their current lodgings within days, by May 1.

The situation is particularly hard on the children as they cannot start school here until they find a home.

“With young kids, given what they have already been through (having to flee their own homes in Syria), we want to give them some sense of stability,” said Mitchell.

She said the refugee family is on a limited budget so can only afford between $1200 to $1400 for rent. But she said they are very willing to take something small  as long as it is clean and safe.

“We are really hoping to find something for them fast,” she added.

If KCR is unable to locate accommodation for the family, Mitchell said temporary lodgings will have to be found while the search for something more permanent continues. But that will have an impact on the family as they start their new life in Canada.

If you can help, or have information that KCR can follow up on, you are asked to email Katelin Mitchell at katelin@kcr.ca as soon as possible.