Very dry, hot weather continues in Okanagan

With 19 days of 30 C-plus weather in August and less than 10 per cent of the normal rainfall, summer continues month in the Okanagan.

The dry, brown hills that are typical of the Okanagan in late summer are a clear indication that this was a typical, hot, dry summer, with 19 days of temperatures above 30 C during August.

Meteorologist David Jones with Environment Canada’s weather office, reports there was a lengthy stretch of hot days during August, but that was tempered by cool nights, so the mean temperature for the month was within the normal range.

Normal for August is a mean temperature of 18.7 C and it was 19.9 C this year, but overnight temperatures were often in the single digits, so the above normal number of hot days—11 in a row that were above 30 C—did not set any new records.

However, the average maximum temperature was 2.5 C above average for August.

Rainfall was also down remarkably from normal, with just 2.4 mm of rain last month, compared to the normal of 34 mm.

That balanced out June’s above-normal amount of rain and the severe thunderstorms that marked the beginning of July.

This past August was sunnier than normal as well.

Shorter days now mean the continuation of hot, dry weather doesn’t translate into temperatures quite as high as August.

However, the forecast for late this week includes a couple of high temperatures of nearly 30 C, well above the average maximum day temperature for this time of year, of 22 C.

Such warm, dry weather is forecast to continue into next week, with a possibility that it may even continue to the middle of the month, when a big ridge is expected to move in.

Once that’s moved through, there could be a return to warm, dry weather, but that’s too far out for reliable forecasting, noted Jones.


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