A shooting in the Glenrosa area is currently under investigation. - Credit: Carli Berry/Capital News

Victim of suspected shooting described as a ‘good kid’

Neighbour said West Kelowna shooting is heartbreaking

A neighbour of the victim who died last night says he was a good kid who helped him over the years.

“Me and my wife had just finished watching a movie when we heard two ‘bang bangs,’” said Jay Provencher, who lives across the street from the crime scene on McTaggart Road.

When they came outside and joined other neighbours, they saw a black SUV, which had the victim inside, that was revving at a high RPM as the victim’s foot was pressed on the gas, he said.

“Once he passed I guess the foot came off the gas,” said Provencher. “It was right after the fact.”

Provencher said the victim never got out of the vehicle, and he had just pulled into the driveway.

The victim doesn’t live at the house, but his family does, said Provencher.

“He was a great kid,” said Provencher. “He’s helped my wife shovel the driveway, he helped my next door neighbour shovel the driveway. They helped out when they were living here.”

Other neighbours, who declined to be named, said the area is quiet and peaceful. Provencher said he knows the victim’s family well.

“I played golf with the individual that’s passed. I talk to the mother and father all the time. We’re a pretty tight-knit little group,” he said. “It’s pretty heartbreaking to be honest with you. It’s pretty surreal, what happened in this little neighbourhood. It’s something you never imagine would happened.”

He described the victim as a someone in his mid to late 20s.

Kay Thornton lives behind the house and said she heard shouting at around 7:45 p.m., but assumed it was about a bear in the area.

“Where we are, there’s a little bit of park land… it was definitely a ‘go away’ or a ‘get out’ it was that sort of (tone.)”

Thornton said all hell broke loose afterwards as she heard the sirens.

“It’s a very quiet neighbourhood. The neighbours are great, we have children wandering up and down the side… apart from a bear or raccoon it’s really quiet,” she said.

The Capital News will update the story as more information becomes available. The RCMP is currently investigating.