A fairytale ice castle

VIDEO: A fairy tale Cap News ice castle

A Kelowna father and son team took more than eight hours to create a sparkling ice castle

  • Tue Dec 20th, 2016 6:00pm
  • News

Two Kelowna men have turned 1,100 pounds of ice into one very special castle for the Kelowna Capital News.

Father and son team, Georg Rieder Sr. and George Rieder Jr. took more than eight hours to create a sparkling ice castle – using just chainsaws and chisels.

“We have a winter wonderland here,” said Rieder Sr. “We have Santa Claus on top and we have a nice winter castle.”

Rieder Sr. has been carving ice for more than 30 years while his son picked up the chisel 15 years ago.

“It was the only thing I hadn’t tried before so that is how I got started,” laughed Rieder Sr.

“I like it. I love doing stuff like this.”

Rieder is originally from Germany and said ice carving is a purely Canadian passion of his.

“This is a Canadian thing, absolutely.”

The Rieders receive the ice in 300 pound blocks from Arctic Ice in Kelowna.

“They do good quality work and make the blocks for us,” said Rieder. “We start with the blocks and just start cutting away.”

The ice castle is now on display at the historic Guischan House Restaurant on Cameron Avenue where Rieder Sr. is the master chef.