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VIDEO: Rickshaws in Kelowna have people laughing and tails wagging

Power Rickshaw operates 4 alternative ‘transportainment’ rickshaws in Kelowna
(Jacqueline Gelineau/Capital News)

Rickshaws are bringing acrobatics, entertainment and transportation to downtown Kelowna.

While the three-seat, human-powered chariots may not be the most efficient solution for alternative transportation to the downtown core, they sure are the most fun.

You can find the rickshaws swirling around Bernard Avenue every Friday and Saturday, and any other busy evenings during the summer. The company, Power Rickshaw, is owned by ‘trickshaw transportainment specialist’ Daniel Powers. He bought his first rickshaw in 2013 after experiencing how fun they are while travelling. Since then, Power has added to his lineup and Power Rickshaw now has a total of four rickshaws.

On the hot summer days the operators will drink more than 5L of water and electrolytes on a single shift and have to eat an exorbitant amount of food to stay fuelled.

“You’ve got to be a certain kind of crazy to do this,” said Power.

All of his employees are fit, friendly and charismatic. Power explained that their job is to make sure people have a fun and memorable experience.

The operators adjust the ride and how wild they get to accommodate the preferences of their clients.

Dogs are also welcome on the rickshaws, and they sure love it.

Capital News sent assistant reporter Ranger downtown to see what the rickshaws were all about. The news hound was tentative at first, but seasoned rickshaw operator James Day knew exactly what to do.

Day kept things slow and controlled at first before building into a run along the lakefront, with Ranger’s ears flopping in the breeze.

After the ride was over Ranger tried to hop back into the rickshaw for another ride saying, “it’s like having your whole body out the window of the car.”

To learn more and to get in contact with the team at Power Rickshaw follow @powerrickshaw on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.


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