A bridge over Priest Creek in Myra Canyon Park was repaired by volunteers last weekend. - Image: Facebook/Winn Rentals

Volunteer effort repairs bridge, connects Myra trail

Friends of the South Slopes combines with Winn Rentals, Kelowna land-owner to repair trail

A volunteer effort helped restore the a damaged bridge in Myra Bellevue Provincial Park on the weekend.

Friends of the South Slopes members Herb Blamire, Brad Wright and Nick Fiorante went into the park and repaired a bridge over Priest Creek on one of the area’s hiking trails.

The bridge had washed out during the spring floods.

Before the work could be done, the volunteer association needed to find a way to get an excavator into the area to do the necessary repairs. When bike-friendly Winn Rentals donated the excavator and a chain-saw, the group received permission from an adjacent land-owner, Ed Krause to get the equipment into the area.

“This project would have been extremely difficult to undertake without Ed’s support,” read a post on Winn Rentals’ Facebook page, which also said Krause donated $1,000 to the cause.

The workers installed gabions, moved and raised the bridge and repaired the approaches to the bridge.

“Winn Rentals is a huge supporter of FOSS and other non-profit trail groups, we hope everyone enjoys the trail,” the post reads.