Volunteers bing smiles to kids' faces at the Fat Cat Children's Festival.

Volunteers bing smiles to kids' faces at the Fat Cat Children's Festival.

Volunteers needed for Fat Cat Children’s Festival

Annual event takes place June 12 and 13 at Waterfront Park in downtown Kelowna.

  • May. 2, 2015 9:00 a.m.

The Interior Savings Fat Cat Children’s Festival is gearing up for its 25th silver anniversary edition of the festival on June 12 and 13 at Waterfront Park and is calling on the community to come and help put on the big show.

“We have been busy planning and organizing a fantastic celebration that is chock-a-block full of stage performances, roving entertainment and incredible hands-on experiences,” said Dorothee Birker, artistic drector for the festival. “Now we really need the help of the community to sign up and take on key volunteer positions, including a volunteer team that can help coordinate the other volunteers.”

More than  200 volunteer positions are required to run the festival every year and while the Festival has keen volunteers that keep coming back year after year, there are always new positions and more volunteers needed as the Festival grows.

“We are really hoping that we can get groups of volunteers to come out for the Festival and do some fun team building while they bring smiles to thousands of kids faces,” continued Birker.

“Youth, Church, sports, community and business organizations can volunteer as a group and take on specific areas to look after such as the Dog Pound, marshalling for the parade or running a fun Activity Station, or they can come as individuals and meet some new friends.  Volunteering is one of the best ways to get and stay connected and we always have friendships that are cemented at the Festival.”

Check out the website fatcatfestival.ca to find out more about the opportunities to get involved, or contact Dorothee Birker by phone at 250-860-4911 or by email at fatcatfestival@gmail.com.

The festival is also still recruiting activity stations and parade entries and these forms can be found online also.

The Interior Savings Fat Cat Children’s Festival was started in 1990 with the goal of offering high-calibre children’s entertainment to the region’s kids and families.  Over the past 25 years the festival has continued to grow and evolve to meet the community needs and now offers a unique festival that is strongly rooted in the community while reaching into the future with innovative programming and experiences.

The festival is open to the community on both the Friday and Saturday and offers a stellar school program that will see more than 1,500 students from the district come to the festival with their classes and teachers.  The festival draws over 10,000 people from the region and beyond annually.

For more information contact Dorothee Birker at 250-860-4911.


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