Kelowna City Hall. (Michael Rodriguez - Capital News)

Kelowna City Hall. (Michael Rodriguez - Capital News)

Water restriction for Hall Road in Kelowna eased to Stage 2

Properties under Stage 2 will receive a letter informing them of the change

The Stage 3 watering restriction in place in Southeast Kelowna and Crawford will remain in effect until further notice, while Hall Road area only has shifted to Stage 2, where irrigation can now occur twice weekly.

“We have been making every effort possible to free up water availability in the system and the conservation efforts of residents mean that some additional capacity for outdoor watering was available,” said Andy Weremy, Water Operations manager.

Properties under Stage 2 will receive a letter to let them know or search for their address in the water provider map to confirm their watering schedule.

“As irrigation demand increased with higher temperatures, water restrictions in Southeast Kelowna were implemented to ensure the system had adequate water for sanitation and firefighting,” said Weremy.

“We are anticipating that as cooler temperatures return other neighbourhoods may also be able to be downgraded to Stage 2 restrictions.”

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Residents are asked to adhere to designated days and times, and to avoid excessive watering, even on designated days. Reduced demand is necessary to avoid a shift back to Stage 3 or to Stage 4 water restrictions. The restrictions do not apply to properties with Farm Status through BC Assessment or irrigation water use in the area which is sourced from the non-potable supply.

“The need for watering restrictions in Southeast Kelowna is not a result of lack of water supply from Okanagan Lake, it is a result of unexpected demand caused by leaks and the short-term use of potable water for irrigation in the area,” said Weremy. “As water meters are installed in this area for the first time this year, about 25 per cent of the historic service lines on private property have been found to have significant leaks.”

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To request assistance with adjust automatic irrigation systems, or for general inquiries or questions about the watering restrictions in place for this area, call 250-469-8520.

For more information about the updated year-round watering restrictions and the different water providers in Kelowna, visit

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