Weapons charges dropped against men linked to Hells Angels

Crown counsel stops prosecutions against Carl Ennis and Dennis Miner for weapons offences.

The Salmon Arm RCMP released this photo of the items seized Nov. 25

The Salmon Arm RCMP released this photo of the items seized Nov. 25

Two of the men linked to the Hells Angels who were arrested in November 2010 with a cache of guns, ammunition have had criminal charges against them dropped by the Crown.

Carl Ennis, 40, and Dennis Miner , 36were two of the men pulled over by Salmon Arm RCMP n the night of Nov. 25, 2010 for speeding. When stopped, officers detected the smell of marijuana, searched the vehicle and seized several firearms including a sawed-off shotgun, a large quantity of ammunition, three handguns, a bullet-proof vest, baseball bat, axe handle, knives, bear spray and a radio jamming device designed to block outgoing transmissions.

Salmon Arm RCMP reported all four men were sporting insignia of the Hells Angels organization.

“Loaded weapons were all within reach of the vehicle occupants,” Staff Sgt. Kevin Keane said.

Crown counsel Gordon Matei, who is the special prosecutor in the case confirmed all charges agains the two men have been dropped, while prosecutions against known Kelowna Hells Angels member Joseph Skreptak, 44,  and Cory Montemurro, 41, are still proceeding.

“There was no longer a substantial likelihood of conviction against these two individuals, which is the standard for proceeding to trial, so the stay was issued,” said Matei.

Ennis and  Miner were each facing four counts of possession of a prohibited/restricted firearm with ammunition, two counts of occupying a vehicle in which there is a firearm, one count of storage of a firearm contrary to regulation and possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

In addition to these charges, Skreptak is also charged with possession of a controlled substance. Montemurro, 40, is facing those same weapons charges, as well as a charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

The two remaining men have their next court dates scheduled in May. They have both entered pleas of not guilty.




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