West Kelowna District better showcased online

If you thought Google Maps was cool, wait till you see what the District of West Kelowna can do.

If you thought Google Maps was cool, wait till you see what the District of West Kelowna can do.

This week the district unveiled a new project available that allows the public to not only view maps, you view property lines, get accurate distances and area measurements, see aerial views from past years and even look up assessed values and utility costs.

It’s been a lot of work for Kevin Wang, a geographic information service analyst, but they were able to produce something they can proudly offer to the public, says information services manager Wayne Klamut.

“We put something out that meets the needs of residents here or consultants or realtors or people from outside the community,” he said.

“We look and say ‘what would the general public want, that is in the scope of what we can deliver so long as it doesn’t impact on privacy issues.’

“We wanted something simple and easy for the public to use. But it also had to be fast; if it’s slow no one will want to use it.”

From the web site www.districtofwestkelowna.ca you will see a link on the left hand side. Click it and you are met with a one-stop shop for all information you may need on West Kelowna properties, including some fresh and interesting ideas.

For example, you can look at a property through transparent overlays from 2009, 2005 and 2003.

Slide the transparency on the overlay and it reveals how the land has developed over that time.

Drawing a line on the map will reveal distance in real time. Or you can draw a route on the map, even add your own text and print the results.

You could accurately measure material required to build a fence, or measure area required for interlock bricks or new driveway pavement.

Realtors and buyers can find past assessed values.

While it’s a service mainly for local residents, it could potentially impact economic development as well, Klamut says.

Anyone can scope out values, see proper zoning, services and nearby businesses.


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