West Kelowna moving forward with Casa Loma drainage improvements

West Kelowna will correct deficiencies from the 1st phase of improvements as it looks to proceed with the design of the project's 2nd phase.

West Kelowna will correct several deficiencies from the first phase of Casa Loma drainage improvements as it looks to proceed with the detailed design of the project’s second phase.

In a multifaceted motion, council directed staff to remove the proposed ditch works on Benedick Road from phase two of the Casa Loma Drainage Project, proceed with detailed design and bring a report back to council.

Staff will also report to council on the deferred drainage works with options for gauging resident support prior to phase three work proceeding on Benedick Road.

Council further directed that interim measures be taken to protect properties on the lower side of Benedick Road that were damaged by flooding during a major storm event in August 2011, while the ditch works on Benedick are on hold.

After hearing concerns from residents on the first phase of drainage improvements regarding aesthetics, safety and efficiency—and after receiving information that portions of the phase one works didn’t perform as intended during a recent rain event—council agreed to direct staff to proceed with the correction of deficiencies and detailed design, as well as the costing of remedial works.

Rob Mueller, manager of engineering and operations, said the mandate of the project is to design and construct a drainage system that is capable of protecting the Casa Loma community from flooding in a significant storm event.

With a few tweaks, the first phase is capable of doing that, he added. However, he admitted the first phase could’ve been done better.

“It’s fair to say that if we were starting this project today knowing what we know now, engineering would do things differently,” said Mueller.

“There were definitely some lessons learned.”

First phase remedial works will likely include:

– Painting a white fog line to delineate a wider shoulder to improve pedestrian safety

– Removing the existing sandbag headwalls at driveways and replacing them with poured in place concrete headwalls to provide a more aesthetically-pleasing and durable product

– Installing perforated pipe and inlet structures along the bottom of the existing ditches, and covering the pipe with rock rip-rap, which will decrease the depth of the existing ditches to the pre-design depth supported by the residents at the public meeting in August 2012

– Installing a dry well on Alice Court to provide storage and pursue a right-of-way over private land to allow for an overflow swale

– Raising the culvert outlet structure at the Casa Loma Road beach access to above high lake level to avoid ponding on the beach.


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