Carli Berry/Capital News

Carli Berry/Capital News

West Kelowna offers tips to prepare for snowfall

A heavy snowfall is expected over the next few days

With heavy snowfall expected over the next few days, the City of Kelowna is asking residents to prepare.

Residents are encouraged to park off the street over the next two to three days to help crews manage the heavy snowfall expected over the weekend, said the city.

Environment Canada is forecasting snowfall of 15 to 25 cementers. Plows may be unable to clear residential streets that are cluttered with cars.

Here’s what residents can do to help:

· Park off the street for up to 48 hours after the snowfall ends. On street parking makes plowing difficult and sometimes impossible. Several incidents have occurred already this winter where plows could not pass parked cars to clear streets.

· Don’t shovel snow from driveways and sidewalks back onto the street. This can impact the plow driver’s work. Pile snow on your property and keep storm drains clear as much as possible.

· Windrows left by passing plows are inevitable. Plows direct snow to the right, so when shoveling, pile snow to the left (when facing your property) of the driveway and plows will drag less snow across your access.

· Remove snow and ice from sidewalks and walkways bordering your property. The city only removes snow and ice from select sidewalks that are adjacent to civic buildings and parks and pedestrian accesses.

For snow and ice control on Highway 97, 97C and Westside Road call Argo Road Maintenance. If you live in a strata complex, check with your board or management company on who your contractor is.

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