Crews sandbagging at West Kelowna parks - Credit: File Photo

Crews sandbagging at West Kelowna parks - Credit: File Photo

West Kelowna parks open

Parks that were closed due to flooding are now open

Parks in West Kelowna are opening now that flooding concerns have rescinded.

The City of West Kelowna has begun removal of flood protection measures from public and private lands.

The following parks, closed due to flooding concerns earlier this year, are now open or opening soon:

Paddlewheeler Park – Pritchard Drive

Pritchard Park – Pritchard Drive

Aberdeen Park – West Bay Road

Casa Loma Dock (opens Thursday, July 20)

Willow Beach – Gellatly Road

Marina Beach – Gellatly Road

Pebble Beach – Whitworth Road

CNR Wharf – Gellatly Road

Rotary Beach – Gellatly Road

Gellatly Landing Park – Gellatly Road

Casa Rio Park – Casa Rio Drive

John Dupuis (Casa Loma) Boat Launch – Casa Loma Road

Gellatly Boat Launch – Gellatly Road

Casa Loma Waterfront Access – Casa Loma Road (south)

The following parks remain closed:

Jennens Park – Jennens Road

Hitchner Park – Jennens Road

Gellatly Walkway – Gellatly Road

Beechnut Park – George Court

Hazelnut Park – Whitworth Road

Heartnut Park – Whitworth Road

Casa Loma Beach Park – Casa Loma Road (north)

Residents will see signage in flood-impacted areas indicating that work is underway or will begin shortly. Crews have been arranged through the regional emergency program in coordination with the City’s Parks Department.

Currently, sandbag removal is being undertaken in the Green Bay, Pritchard Drive and Gellatly Road/Whitworth Road areas of West Kelowna, with work resuming in Casa Loma early next week.

Residents who are undertaking their own sandbag removal on their property can assist by moving their bags to the roadside for pick up and disposal.

Burlap and polypropylene sandbags should be separated, according to a City of West Kelowna release.