Wildlife activity is on the rise in West Kelowna. - Image: Pixabay

Wildlife activity is on the rise in West Kelowna. - Image: Pixabay

West Kelowna says bear activity increasing

City says wildlife activity is on the rise and has some tips to avoid bear conflict

The City of West Kelowna is asking residents to keep the community safe by managing the wildlife attractants around your home.

As bears prepare for winter denning they are in search of easily accessible food sources and one of those food sources is garbage put out by residents.

Bears have already been spotted in several West Kelowna neighbourhoods.

WildSafeBC has tips that residents can follow to keep wildlife wild and prevent conflicts.

• Putting out garbage only on the morning of collection

• Kindly encouraging neighbours to put out their garbage at the appropriate times too, and offering to help out if they are unable to do so

• Securing garbage on non-collection days

• Keeping your garbage bin clean

• Not depositing food in un-secured garbage bins in parks or construction areas

• Keeping barbecues clean and covered

• Picking ripe fruit, cleaning up any fallen fruit, and mixing these attractants well into your compost

• Putting away and cleaning up any bird seed and pet food

Report human-wildlife conflicts to the BC Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

For more information, contact WildSafeBC at okwestside@wildsafebc.com or 250-862-7336.