West Kelowna tax hike set at 2.7 per cent for 2017

Final figure is slightly higher than anticipated because of a new contract for unionized firefighters, says the district.

West Kelowna council has adopted its budget for 2015.

And thanks to two issues that came up since the budget deliberations were held earlier this year, the final tax hike will be slightly higher than originally thought.

According to the district, the tax increase for this year will be 2.7 per cent, up from the 2.4 per cent proposed during budget deliberations.

The reason for the increase is that the district’s labour negotiations with its unionized firefighters took place after the deliberations and a predicted windfall as a result of a review by B.C. Assessment that had the district thinking it would get $400,000 more in new construction revenue, actually came in lower as a result of appeals.

In the case of the firefighter negotiations, West Kelowna, like other municipalities across B.C., follow the lead of Vancouver when it comes to the percentage increase for firefighters in their latest contract.


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