West Kelowna to install bulk water dispenser

A bulk water dispenser is the district's answer for getting water to residents who do not currently have a connection to a district utility.

A shiny new bulk water dispenser is the district’s answer for getting water to residents who do not currently have a connection to a district utility.

The new dispenser will be installed at the northwest corner of Shannon Lake Road and Asquith Road and will most likely benefit property owners in upper Glenrosa, whose well water sources have been deteriorating.

The dispenser will cost the district $99,000 and will be paid through the 2011 surplus funds.

The District of West Kelowna has been trying to find a way of making municipal water available to residents of the upper Glenrosa area for over two years.

A survey conducted in December, 2010, indicated that 41 per cent of upper Glenrosa respondents felt that there is not an adequate supply of water to meet their needs and nearly a quarter of those who responded insisted that it is a “very serious” problem.

“We’ve beat this to death over a long period of time,” said Coun. Duane Ophus.

“We just have to move forward. We can’t have people in West Kelowna without access to good, clean drinking water.”

District staff will bring recommended fees and charges for use of the bulk water dispenser, with a capital cost recovery amount, to council for consideration prior to completion of the installation.

In April 2011, district staff initiated a process to have upper Glenrosa residents petition the district to determine support for the supply and installation of a bulk water dispenser system, which would be installed and paid for by the residents.

Upper Glenrosa residents didn’t support that solution.

“We wanted to see this serve people in upper Glenrosa; there wasn’t the necessary buy-in. So I think we wind up looking at it (as) the best possible option of something that is useful for everyone, should they choose to use it,” said Mayor Doug Findlater.

“It’s not a perfect solution, but we’ve been around this issue so many times, I think it’s a workable solution.”