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West Kelowna used half of annual sand supply during two-week period in January

City said cold temperatures meant much of sand wasn’t sticking to roads

The City of West Kelowna’s road contractor used half its annual sand supply during a two-week period in January, according to an online city council agenda.

City communications supervisor Jason Luciw said frigid temperatures were one reason so much sand was used.

“During a cold snap cold in January this year, conditions made it difficult for sand to stick to roads. Consequently, our sand supply was blowing off quickly,” said Luciw.

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“In effort to keep our roads passable, our road’s contractor continued to apply sand on roads during that time.”

The city said the road contractor’s anti-icing chemicals were also ineffective at keeping ice off roads in the cold temperatures.

Luciw said the amount of sand used by the city’s road contractor fluctuates each year.

“On average, the amount of sand used by the city is 4500 cubic meters each year,” said Luciw.

“The city uses about 3000 cubic meters of sand during a low snow season and about 6000 cubic meters of sand during a high snow season. We’re right on average for sand use for this year.”

During the same time frame in January, more than 30 City of Kelowna staff were also out in full force keeping snow and ice off their roads.

There might not be much more sand needed on city roads for this winter. Environment Canada is forecasting temperatures of about 10 C for the region later this week.


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