West Kelowna winery cancels proposed cell tower

Mount Boucherie Family Estate Winery opts to not lease land to Rogers to accommodate new cell tower

  • Fri Oct 3rd, 2014 4:00pm
  • News

The owners of the Mt. Boucherie Family Estate Winery have put an end to a controversy involving their neighbours and a plan by Rogers to lease land from the winery to build a cell tower.

The Gidda family has decided to end negotiations with Rogers over the proposal, saying they are responding to the objections that had been raised by many residents in the immediate surrounding area of the West Kelowna winery.

In a press release announcing the decision,  the Gidda family stated how they have lived and farmed throughout the Okanagan Valley since the late 1960s, are raising the fourth  generation of their family and are proud to be current residents of the Mt. Boucherie neighbourhood.

“Since their community is not ready, (the Gidda family has) decided to call off the planned cellular tower, even prior to the end of the community consultation phase,” stated the news release.

The winery’s neighbours had started a petition to protest the move by Rogers to install the 20-metre cell tower, upset that only a limited number of people and not all those who would be visually impacted by the structure on the sloped east side of Boucherie Road were notified of the proposal.