Westbank family’s murderer requests release

The man who brutally murdered six members of a Westbank family will once again get a chance to ask for parole.

The man who brutally murdered six members of a Westbank family will get an opportunity to request release from prison in an upcoming parole hearing.

A Parole Board of Canada hearing has been set for Sept. 18, to give David Ennis—previously David Shearing— day and full  parole.

In 2008  he made a similar  request, but was denied full parole, when the board said he posed a moderate risk for future violent offences. He turned down his 2010 opportunity for a hearing.

Ennis,. now 53,  killed Westbank’s Bob and Jackie Johnson, their 13 and 11 year-old daughters Janet and Karen and Jackie’s parents George and Edith Bentley of Port Coquitlam while the family camped in Wells Gray Provincial Park, August 1982.

The family had been stalked by Ennis for a couple of days before he moved in on their gathering.

Immediately shooting the four adults, Ennis kept the two girls alive for several more days. In that time they were tortured and sexually assaulted. Then they too were shot dead.

All six bodies were then burned in one of the family’s vehicles.

It took a nationwide manhunt to track Ennis down, and once he was found police were able to extract a confession.

Admitting guilt to six counts of second degree murder netted Ennis a sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.

He’s now in custody at the Bowden Institution in Alberta

Kelowna Capital News