Construction is underway on the new 14

Construction is underway on the new 14

Westbank First Nations holds ground blessing ceremony for new youth centre

New 14,000 square foot youth centre has $6 million budget.

Westbank First Nations (WFN) has officially begun a new multi-million dollar construction project.

WFN is constructing a new youth centre, and held a ground blessing ceremony Monday morning.  Construction just recently began on the 14,000 square foot project, which along with a sports court has a budget of $6 million.  Chief Robert Louie said there is an immediate need for a new youth centre, as the existing one was purchased second hand in 1998 and can no longer meet the needs of the community.

A new youth centre has been part of WFN’s capital plan since 2010, and Chief Louie explained he was proud to be building the youth of their community a new, state-of-the-art, modern facility that will also be available to youth from other communities.  He added the new facility will provide recreation for the entire region and increase tourism.

The new youth centre will have many features including a learning garden and outdoor classrooms, and will fill many different uses for the community and the ability to rent space within it for events.  Construction is anticipated to be completed in November of 2016, at which time they will begin building an adjacent sports court that will be the size of three basketball courts.  The sports court is scheduled to be done by July 2017.


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