Faith Lanthier

Faith Lanthier

Westside food bank finds permanent home

  • Feb. 27, 2011 10:00 a.m.

A temporary home may soon become permanent for the Westside Community Food Bank.

The district of West Kelowna had given the food bank property at 2600 Hebert Road a temporary zoning while monitoring to see if there were any issues arising from the operation being in that spot.

Westside Community Food Bank manager Faith Lanthier said numbers are up and the food bank is seeing a lot more people.

She noted the food bank was previously in a modular unit, and it is nice to have a proper space.

Planning supervisor Brent Magnan noted the temporary zoning currently on the property expires in August of this year, and was a function to allow the food bank society an avenue to look at long-term planning. 

“They have determined that this would be an appropriate location.”

Magnan added the temporary permit has also given West Kelowna staff time to monitor the site and use, and said the district has not received any complaints or responses from the public regarding the use of the site for the food bank. He said the rezoning would be consistent with surrounding commercial properties.

Coun. David Knowles said the food bank at that location is a great improvement on the previous structure, through the contributions made by Gorman Brothers and various volunteers.

Mayor Doug Findlater said he was happy to support the rezoning. He pointed out the surrounding property uses include a funeral home, a former church converted into a tire shop, a car lot, a mini-mall under renovation and Paynter’s Market.

“I certainly don’t see any conflicts with neighbours.”

Findlater said that for people on a limited income, access to transit is not very far away from the location. 

He added the district has had no complaints about the food bank, parking concerns failed to materialize and the society has maintained the property well.

The zoning change is set to become permanent pending review by the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Highways and a public hearing.


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