Westside Road interchange to reopen Monday

Repair efforts have been underway since the east retaining wall buckled on Nov. 20.

  • Sun Mar 11th, 2012 5:00pm
  • News

The Westside Road interchange on Highway 97 will reopen to normal trafflic flows on Monday morning, the B.C. Ministry of Transportation announced this weekend,

The east wall under the overpass across Highway 97 buckled on Nov. 20, causing a change to the traffic flow for eastbound and westbound traffic, along with creating the need to create a temporary intersection conrolled by road traffic flaggers at Nancee Way.

Why the overpass gave way is still something of a mystery, but repair crews removed the finishing panels under the abutments on both retaining walls, placement of reinforced concrete facing, replacement of the panel connections and new fascia panels.

The ministry says the quality of the repairs have been signed off on by professional structural engineers.

Monday morning, the overpass ramps at Westside Road will be reopened, and the temporary Nancee Way intersection will be closed. Traffic controllers will be on site to help with the redirection of traffic.

“With these repairs wrapping up, we look forward to the remainder of the project moving ahead and finishing later this year.”

The Westbank First Nation has the government contract to build the $41 million interchange project, which has been sub-contracted to Ledcor to build.