Winn Rentals in Kelowna urging construction industry to back rail trail

With donations in the month of October being matched by donours, Brad Gretzinger says the time is now to support the trail

Brad Gretzinger of Winn Rentals encourages businesses to get behind the rail trail.

Winn Rentals in Kelowna would like other businesses in the Okanagan construction industry to join them in supporting the Okanagan Rail Trail, and to take advantage of the October donation matching.

Early in the fundraising campaign, Winn Rentals donated $5,000 to the rail trail.

Having supported the Mission Creek Greenway, the KVR rail trail and Friends of the South Slopes, it was an easy choice to contribute towards the future rail trail between Kelowna and Vernon,” said co-owner Brad Gretzinger, a long-time mountain biker, who along with his wife Karen, have biked extensively around the region.

“The rail trail will be a great community amenity that will benefit many businesses, not only the tourism industry”, said Gretzinger. “The construction industry is booming right now, and the rail trail will be one more amenity that influences decisions to relocate and build in the Okanagan.”

With the recent announcement of donation matching for the month of October, Gretzinger says it’s a great time to jump in.

“Now is the perfect time to make your donation go further, and help ensure that trail work begins next spring,” he said.

Gretzinger asks that businesses in the construction industry support the Okanagan Rail Trail by making a donation, coming up with a fundraising idea of their own, or by volunteering their services at some level.

Gretzinger’s wife, Karen, is a trail volunteer, and he personally looks forward to helping out however he can. Winn Rentals is planning to support the Okanagan Rail Trail throughout its development to completion.

The fundraising website ( provides more information on how businesses can get involved.  All donations to the trail are received by Community Foundations in the Central and North Okanagan, and tax receipts are provided for donations over $25.