Worldwide movement coming to Kelowna

Occupy Kelowna protest planned for Oct. 15.

Peaceful gatherings that began in the Middle East this spring and moved to the Wall Street sector of New York City in recent weeks is about to spread to Kelowna.

The Occupy Kelowna movement hopes to kick off with a positive response to a gathering planned for Kerry Park on Saturday, 10 a.m.

The theme of the gatherings planned for across Canada is for people to speak out for greater economic equality and a better quality of life.

Occupy Kelowna is part of this global movement in the ongoing conversation about predatory capitalism, how it continues to damage the fabric of society as a whole, and how a more inclusive economic process is required.

Occupy Kelowna is also calling for an end to war and to environmental destruction, a honest exchange of ideas on climate change and reform of the electoral system.

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