Zoning signs might be upsetting

Visitors to several regional parks within the City of Kelowna shouldn’t worry if they see rezoning application signs.

Visitors to several regional parks within the City of Kelowna shouldn’t panic if they come upon signs indicating a rezoning application has been made.

The regional district has applied to the city for the rezoning some of the lands that are within the regional park system that are not presently zoned appropriately for park use.

“People shouldn’t worry when they see the signs; we’re not changing the park use,” said Bruce Smith, a regional district  spokesman.

“These lands require a P3 designation or Park Use zone to conform to the present use which is allowed under any zoning designation.

“A requirement of the rezoning process is the posting of signs indicating that the application has been made and is being considered.”

Some of the regional park parcels that are part of this housekeeping rezoning project include Bertram Creek, Cedar Mountain, Scenic Canyon, Robert Lake, Mill Creek, Stephens Coyote Ridge and the Mission Creek Greenway.

“Park visitors and users should understand that the rezoning project will not result in any change from the current park use and doesn’t impact our park management plans.  It’s merely a housekeeping measure to bring the zoning in line with current park uses on approximately 3.5 hectares within the existing parks.”

The regional district operates 29 parks throughout the Central Okanagan.


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