Argument to keep HST

I endorse keeping the HST:

To the editor:

I endorse keeping the HST:

• It provides more income for the province so that services such as health care can be better paid for

• It provides funds for reducing BC government debt

• Families and seniors that need help will be given rebates to offset their costs of the HST

• The HST is business friendly, easier to apply and manage, and will stimulate the economy to everyone’s benefit

• Given a few years, the HST system compared to the PST/GST system, will cost us less

• Remember, if we choose to go back to the PST/GST system, we the BC taxpayer, will have to repay $1.6 billion to the federal government.

Voting to extinguish the HST and reverting to the PST/GST system is a step backwards.

Please vote to keep the HST and ensure a brighter future for British Columbia.

Len Novakowski,

West Kelowna


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