Attack needed quick follow-up by police

Once again, visitors to our city have been brutally attacked in our downtown core.

To the editor:

Police investigating swarming attack, Aug. 14 Capital News.

Tuesday’s front page once again has a beautiful exposé on how our local police force works.

Once again, visitors to our city have been brutally attacked in our downtown core, a mere block away from last March’s beating.

Two young adults being responsible and walking back to their hotel are attacked and sent to KGH requiring facial reconstruction.

RCMP spokesperson Cst. Kris Clark makes it sound like those two men were at fault for being out at night.

How can you “investigate” a serious crime when you are on vacation the next day as Const. Clark said? Is he serious when he states: “…say you don’t want to fight and get out.”

It is hard to believe that the two men who were attacked were more inebriated than their attackers. Statements like that only fuel the drunken idiots who attacked them. “Avoid drinking to inebriation and avoid conflict if at all possible,” Const. Clark also states, implying that this attack was in part the fault of the two men from Clearwater.

There is no investigation. As quoted: “the investigation hasn’t gotten underway given that the police officer is on vacation.” So no, the headline should have read: “Police not investigating ‘swarming’ attack until vacation over.”

Dan Nolan,


(Editor’s note: A clarification was published in the Aug. 16 Capital News that the investigating officer was not on vacation the next day, but was to be on his regular days off.)

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