BC Tree Fruits Ltd. celebrates its 75th year

On July 21st, BC Tree Fruits Ltd. celebrates its 75th anniversary.

To the editor:

On July 21st, BC Tree Fruits Ltd. celebrates its 75th anniversary.

In a changing world, it is important that our values stay constant. This is a significant milestone in the organization’s history. It marks 75 years of tradition, challenges, opportunities, achievements and 75 years of marketing the finest tree fruits worldwide.

The BC Tree Fruits Ltd. Leaf Brand is one of the most recognized logos—an astounding 92 per cent of apple buyers in Western Canada are aware of the B.C. Leaf Brand. Awareness of the B.C. brand is actually higher in Saskatchewan than B.C.! The consumer perception of the brand is quality, trust and availability.

In 1936, B.C. tree fruit growers and industry leaders came together to create BC Tree Fruits Ltd. because they believed they could best address the issue of promoting and selling their fruits. This holds true today. As part of this co-operative system, growers operate orchards and join forces to pack, store, distribute and market their fruits.  Together, we work for the greater good of local communities, local farm families and B.C.’s tree fruit industry.

As president of the BC Fruit Growers’ Association, I encourage everyone to show their continued support for the Okanagan tree fruit industry. The next time you’re in the produce section of your favourite grocery store, look at the label and look for the B.C. leaf: Buy B.C. tree fruits.

While our 2010 apple crop is in short supply, with mainly Spartan available now, the fresh cherry and soft fruit season is just around the corner.  Later this summer, after mid-August, our 2011 crop of apples will start with the harvest of one of my favourites, Sun Rise. Apples such as Gala, MacIntosh and Ambrosia will be available for great back to school snacks.

Remember: you’re not just eating a healthy, nutritious fruit; you’re also supporting family farms and local jobs in the Okanagan.

Join us in celebrating the 75th anniversary of BC Tree Fruits Ltd.

Joe Sardinha,


BC Fruit Growers’ Association


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