Bike mishap reveals good souls

At about 10 a.m., while riding my bike down Springfield, I collided with a vehicle at the corner of Hollywood.

To the editor:

I would like to thank everyone who helped me on Tuesday.

At about 10 a.m., while riding my bike down Springfield, I collided with a vehicle at the corner of Hollywood.

I was thrown to the pavement and lay there hurt—stunned, but conscious.

The driver of the vehicle stopped and called out to me. He came around and took my hand as I reached out—I was afraid.

He called the ambulance as he stayed near by.

While he did that a wonderful gentleman in a truck pulled over and knelt by me and also offered his hand which I gratefully accepted. He spoke of his faith and how God had prepared him for this today. He helped me to relax and feel protected.

I needed to be able to see past the present and believe in a tomorrow so I asked him to go for coffee later—he said he’d take me to dinner. (Ah, Prince Charming, my romantic brain thought imagining candle light and all. Now this I would really like to do so I will get better fast.)

Another man stood with a blanket he held to shield me from the brilliant sun. Soon after, a woman appeared who offered her assistance with her first aid training. She held my head still and made sure my neck did not move.

I was on the road toward the side and these wonderful people used their vehicles to stop me from further injury and comforted and entertained me while we awaited the ambulance.

Thank you most wonderful strangers. May we meet again.

The police arrived and promised to take my bike to my home in Black Mountain, which they did. Thank you Kelowna RCMP.

The ambulance paramedics were amazing. They carefully got me to the hospital and soothed me with their explanations of what they were doing and why they needed to know things. I have a particular aversion to hospitals but the paramedics kept me calm. Thank you for the wonderful ride in your coach.

The hospital staff were thorough and I didn’t need to remain any longer than needed. And to the doctors of the Kelowna General emerg: My gratitude and warm thanks.

It was truly a day of misadventure for me made so, dare I say ‘pleasant,’ by the kindness of strangers.

And it’s a funny thing I reflect on now. During breakfast this morning I was sure I heard God tell me to leave my lap top at home as I would be hit by a car today.

So I did leave it at home—God knows best.

And that is why I can email this letter to the editor to thank all of you kind souls for turning a nightmare into a fairy tale—complete with a prince, a dinner proposal, a coach and personal care. Perhaps I even left a glass slipper at the scene.

Just another wild story for my great great grandchildren.



Monica Iwanowsky,



Kelowna Capital News