Candidate bucks party line on pipeline

Kelowna-Lake Country B.C. Conservative party candidate says he can’t support Enbridge’s plans for a pipeline.

Not all B.C. Conservatives support the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

Kelowna-Lake Country Conservative candidate Graeme James says he can’t support Enbridge’s plans for a pipeline to transport bitumen across the province and then through B.C. coastal waters.

“One of my primary concerns is the Enbridge spill record from Wisconsin to the Kalamazoo River. Enbridge has had more than 600 spills involving legal action against the company for their environmental violations,” said James in a press release. “The public hearing process has been undemocratic and frustrating for people of all political stripes.

“I am hearing strongly from local party members who do not support a rush to approve a project where the key proponents have not met the burden of proof in terms of ensuring environmental safety.”

Conservative Party leader John Cummins has already voiced his support for the pipeline project.

“There are far too many unanswered questions to provide unqualified support for the project at this time,” said  James.

“Government and political parties must look past political gains to the bigger issues at hand. We need to stop the process now and engage in meaningful discussions with the people of B.C. Enbridge does not have the social license to proceed with this pipeline.”


Kelowna Capital News