Cannan: MP touts federal government’s National Conservation Plan

Constituents who share a passion for green space should welcome the federal government’s recently announced National Conservation Plan.

The enthusiasm and support for turning the rail line from Vernon to Kelowna into a recreational trail shows how passionate people in our community are when it comes to conservation of green space.

Constituents who share this passion should welcome the federal government’s recently announced National Conservation Plan, which provides a long-term vision for conservation efforts across Canada and brings together all Canadians who are working to conserve and restore our lands, waters and wildlife.

The plan will focus on conserving and restoring Canada’s ecosystems and connecting Canadians to nature.

It builds on Canada’s collective conservation achievements and provides funding of $252 million over five years for conserving ecologically sensitive lands, supporting voluntary conservation and restoration action, restoring wetlands, strengthening marine and coastal conservation and improving access to wildlife areas and green spaces for Canadians.

Since May 2014, the government has tabled legislation to create two national parks and announced funding for 85 community conservation projects across the country.

Since 2006, the government has made a six-fold expansion of the Nahanni National Park Reserve, which is a significant conservation achievement. More than 4,000 km² of ecologically sensitive private lands has been secured and we have added an area nearly twice the size of Vancouver Island to the network of federal protected areas.

Ottawa has designated three new marine protected areas and introduced a legislation to create the Rouge National Urban Park.

As well, it has supported partners in the delivery of hundreds of local projects to protect species at risk and their habitats, improved water quality in the Great Lakes, Lake Simcoe and Lake Winnipeg, rehabilitated recreational fisheries habitat and are working to clean up contaminated sites.

Nature matters to Canadians and I believe the National Conservation Plan will encourage and enable Canadians to take action in their communities and find new ways to work together to protect our lands, waters and wildlife.

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Do you have a project that will help improve accessibility in community facilities for Canadians with disabilities?

If so organizations are encouraged to apply for funding through the Enabling Accessibility Fund 2014 call for proposals.  The deadline for submitting proposals is Aug. 1.

More than $8 million in funding is available through this year’s call for proposals.

All applications are reviewed against eligibility criteria, call for proposal requirements and program objectives.

Application information is available on Employment and Social Development Canada’s website at


On July 27th, Canadians will commemorate Korean War Veterans Day an important day to remember and honour the courage and sacrifice of Canadians who served in the Korean War (1950-1953) and in peacekeeping duties following the signing of the Armistice.

More than 26,000 Canadians volunteered their service to fight during the Korean War. The Canadians fought bitter battles, lived in deplorable conditions, moved by foot through freezing mountains and served with honour.

The Korean War was Canada’s third bloodiest war, with 516 Canadians making the ultimate sacrifice.

To this day, nearly 400 Canadians rest in peace in the United Nations Cemetery in Busan, Korea.

Veterans of the Korean War are everyday Canadians who became heroes by standing up for what we as a nation believe in.  I encourage everyone to go to to see photos, video and learn more about their heroic sacrifice.

Canada as a nation owes an everlasting debt of gratitude to the men and women who served and continue to serve our country.

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