Cell tower will be a blight on Lakeview Heights landscape

If you come and see this beautiful, untainted, agricultural area…you will understand better why the residents…do not want a cell tower.

To the editor:

Re: Cell tower needed in Lakeview Heights area, just not in residential/vineyard/bed and breakfast area.

Through social media I have noticed that the topic of a proposed cell tower at Mt. Boucherie Family Estate Winery in Lakeview Heights West Kelowna is causing quite a stir. The comments put forth regarding the cell tower are mixed, ranging from “get with the 21st century, people,” “ Deal with it,” “You’re hypocrites if you have a cell phone and don’t want a tower,” to “Not in my neighbourhood.”

If you live outside of the vineyard area in Lakeview Heights you might not care it a cell phone tower goes in at the winery. If you live near the winery, or can see the winery buildings in the distance, you definitely don’t want a cell tower built.

The problem with erecting a cell tower in the designated spot is simple: This is ‘wine country’ and it is just not suitable to the area. A cell tower is just not conducive to the surrounding land—vineyards, organic gardens, family homes, hobby farms—and no matter where one looks, the tower will be an obstruction of the view.

The cell tower, which will be 65 feet tall (20 m) will be seen from many vantage points as an intrusive, very tall and hefty rod, obstructing the pleasant, open lake and mountain views from many of the homes, wineries such as Little Straw and Beaumont Estates, and well-established bed and breakfasts in the area.

To date, there are over 200 signatures on the petition that is going around the Lakeview Heights neighbourhoods. Most people that have signed the petition have cell phones and agree that a Rogers cell tower is needed in the area; they know there is a Telus tower on Anders Road.

If you come and see this beautiful, untainted, agricultural area that is Lakeview Heights, you will understand better why the residents, surrounding wineries and bed and breakfasts do not want a cell tower. Seeing is believing.

Terri Anderson,

West Kelowna


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