‘Change’ looks like 1996 all over again

I do not think I have ever been so disappointed with regards to an election in all my years of voting.

To the editor:

I do not think I have ever been so disappointed with regards to an election in all my years of voting.

Kelowna wants change? Walter Gray as mayor? Our poor beloved city has hopped into a time machine back to 1996.

The FourChange campaign was a total joke as well. Did Nick Frost and the rest of the backers stand outside of every polling station on Nov. 19 and pay every single voter $20 to vote Zimmerman, Gran, Basran and Given? Rich kid popularity contest wins again.

It shouldn’t be about how much money you have, how nice your website looks, or how much cumulative air time you’ve had on CHBC, but about legitimate issues.

Western Star is gone, and we’re never ever going to get anything of that calibre again if we don’t form a well blended council of young, old, inexperienced and experienced to focus on actual issues in this city.

Rutland needs a revitalized core to support the growth in that area.

Our transit system has improved over the years but we’re light years behind where we need to be.

Downtown Kelowna is a ghost town. We need parks, bike paths, attractive and affordable areas for businesses to set up shop, not highrise luxury hotels that’ll continue to stay vacant because there is nothing to attract people to this dying city of ours.

I really feel like our “new” mayor and media personality-infested council isn’t going to bring about any change.

You know what’ll be funny? Three years from now, when we’re back at it again and Shepherd is elected. Are we really going to continue this ping pong game?

Gerry Zimmermann is quoted on Castanet saying: “I’m really happy, but this makes me happier with Walter as my boss again. I wanted this right from the beginning and we got everything we wanted.” You really got everything you wanted Gerry? Did this plan include driving every single young person out of Kelowna? It’s not even a matter of one foot in the grave—the people of Kelowna voted to leap head first into the grave and turn into Barkerville.

While I’m looking for job opportunities and rental listings in more progressive areas of British Columbia, I’ll have my eye on this “new” mayor and council, fighting every step of the way and making sure they are held accountable.

Jaclyn Locking,