City a community of people its council represents

I was recently shocked at reading that mayoral candidate Walter Gray refers to the city of Kelowna as a “corporation”.

To the editor:

I was recently shocked and quite frankly disgusted at reading that mayoral candidate Walter Gray refers to the city of Kelowna as a “corporation”.

While most of us do not understand the inner workings of a corporation, we know what one is—a business—a money-making enterprise that sees everything and everyone as a profit or a loss, a benefit or a deficiency, a shareholder or a non-shareholder.

And while, of course, there are corporations functioning within Kelowna, these businesses do not make up the city, nor should they be the primary concern of our governing bodies.

So, I’d like to remind all electoral candidates that Kelowna is, first and foremost, a community. It is a group of people who have come to call this piece of the earth home. Not profits. Not employees. Not shareholders. People.

And this is who our governing bodies are in place for—the people. The families and facilities that make Kelowna a vibrant, healthy community. A community that is looking to create long-term sustainability, not short term profits. A community that is a home, not a workplace. A community that looks to our grandchildren and asks how we can better the world for them, rather than looking to old-guard politicians to ask how we can make more money.

And to the community of Kelowna, a reminder as you go to the polls that a government functions primarily for you—the citizen. It is a body that is there to represent your interests and concerns, your family and friends, your well-being and safety.

Let us continue to look to those people who will best represent us as citizens in this beautiful community.

Melissa Shea,



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