Clark gov’t putting new immigrant families first

An unelected Premier has announced that B.C. is going to actively recruit out-of-country skilled workers.

To the editor:

Well isn’t this nice; an unelected (except by her own party) Premier whose motto is Families First, has announced that because B.C. is going to need thousands of skilled workers in the next few years she and a bunch of other so called ‘social thinkers’ have decided to actively recruit (does that mean lowering immigration standards?) out-of-country skilled workers.

Let’s see: In B.C. we have a horrible youth (actually an everyone) unemployment problem; but  instead of saying “Hey, why don’t we help our own and actively recruit B.C.ers into apprenticeship/retraining/new schooling programs that are going to be needed  and help our own families first,” nope we’re going to get more immigrants in and the hell with our own people.

This entire program reeks of politics. Immigrants have traditionally voted for the party that “lets them in” and no matter how Christy Clark and all the embarrassing Liberal lapdogs try to spin it the end result is the same— more votes for them at the next election.

Wow, thanks Christy, you’re really thinking Families First on this one!



Steve Pierson,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News