Concern over Crossroads centre closure

As an alcoholic, if it wasn’t for Crossroads I would not have the life their program gave me.

To the editor:

I’m writing in concern for the closure of Crossroads treatment center in less than three months.

As an alcoholic, if it wasn’t for Crossroads I would not have the life there program gave me.

From pushing a shopping cart, picking bottles out of full garbage bins, ripping open dirty, disgusting human garbage to survive, even resorting to eating out of these bins.

So, as Crossroads has helped out thousands of people with addiction problems such as myself, I can’t believe the government can’t find the resources to keep the doors open, since it has been open for well over 35 years.

This city alone has more millionaires than most cities in Canada.

I can’t believe it has come to this. If the people in the valley who support addiction centres, such as Crossroads, will not band together to do something to keep its doors open, then please consider what it has done for this alcoholic.

It’s given me a new way to face life on life’s terms and resist taking that next drink that could kill me.

Think of the many others who will need this place in the future.

I challenge the media   to call them and do (more) stories about the closure of Crossroads.

And maybe with its help, by running a few stories on people such as myself, on the benefits it has given me, we might keep Crossroads open.

Jay Jensen,



Kelowna Capital News