Constitution Act of 1982 has no lawful power within it for the people or the government

Constitution can’t be an Act of Parliament…otherwise it is just another statute by government for government.

To the editor:

Re: Andy Thomsen’s letter in the Feb. 12 edition of the Capital News (We Are Not A United Country, MP Albas).

In part, Andy is correct but permit me to clarify. The following is part of documented political history today’s governing bodies don’t wish to acknowledge for obvious reasons—I will capsulize.

It’s 1864 and the four colonies of Canada—Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick—wish independence from British rule via a (the Quebec Resolution) document presented to British Parliament for consent.

The House or Lords, not wishing to give up Canada, rewrote the document, calling it the British North America Act 1867, a statute not a constitution. It merely created on colony out of four, and called it a dominion colony, not a country and still under British rule.

Three colonies signed it—Quebec never signed, making Quebec separate from Canada as we know it. Quebec’s threat of separation today is an oxymoron. How can one get divorced when one has never been legally married?

It’s 1931, Canada still desires to be truly independent and sovereign. All the provinces must be lawfully set free by England with no political superior in order to be lawfully together in the creation of an independent nation with its own head of state, constitution and flag.

The Statue of Westminster in 1931 provided for that. On Dec. 11, 1931, British Parliament ratified the statute. As of that date, the Parliament of Canada, as well as the Crown, has now lawful power to exist or function in Canada, but does so as a (defacto) government with assumed power permitted by the provinces until the provinces exercise their lawful right to join in the creation of a new sovereign country.

This action would dissolve the BNA Act of 1867 and most other antiquated documents. The Statute of Westminster 1931 still lawfully exists at the ready to be fulfilled by the provinces as it has no sunset clause. This action would end Canada’s servitude with England and for the first time allow us to truly create our own destiny as a free nation.

It’s now 1982. The Constitution Act 1982 is a fraud forced upon Canadians without proper access, indeed even the flag was never ratified by the people of Canada. There is a set order of events that must take place to qualify a nation’s constitution and flag.

A constitution must be created by the people for the people, following prescribed events with all grievances settled, and only then ratified by the people through a public referendum. It can’t be an Act of Parliament otherwise it is just another statute by government for government. A statute by any other name is still a statute.

The BNA Act 1867 cannot be in whole or in part a constitution. It can only be used as a guide, not an element.

Trying to change the BNA Act in Canada’s constitution is like trying to change a cow into a horse. Therefore, the Constitution Act 1982 has no lawful power within it for the people or the government, and must be abandoned sooner or later.

We as a nation can’t realize true sovereignty and destiny until we face the inevitable truth about our stagnant, chaotic political position which continues to divide provinces as a loose collection of petty kingdoms each with its own independent power and agenda, which causes confusion and disorder for people.

We are not and never have been a unified country. Some 146 years of patchwork remedies have failed and the people have lost faith. As painful as it will be, the only true remedy is clear. We as a nation must start over, do it right this time or remain in chaos with continuing questions that have no answers and continue to watch Canada disintegrate one piece at a time.

We are fed up with the propaganda, MP Dan Albas.

Jack Bradcoe,



Kelowna Capital News