District reacts to threat of a postal strike

In a bid to head off the potential for a postal strike affecting municipal property tax notices, West Kelowna is getting a jump on mailing them out.

The district’s finance department has prepared the 2011 notices and has made arrangements with its contractors to have them in the mail last week.

That is one week earlier than normal.

The earliest unionized Canada Post employees can give 72-hour strike notice is Tuesday, meaning a work stoppage would start Friday. May 27.

“In view of the fact that approximately 93 per cent  of our 1,400 notices are mailed within B.C. and another six per cent plus are mailed to other Canadian addresses, staff are confident that 99 per cent plus of our notices will be delivered prior to the earliest potential work stoppage date,” said Lorne Raymond, the district’s manager of finance.

He said the extra work to get the notices out early took 10 extra hours of staff time and cost less than $500 in overtime.

This year, property taxes must be paid by July 7.

If not paid by 4:30 p.m. on that day, a 10 per cent penalty will be applied.



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