Don’t slow down traffic

I fully support going slow on residential streets…However, major traffic arteries are meant to move traffic…

To the editor:

I would like to reply to the letter from Clayton Dorcas (Time to Follow the Rules of the Road, Capital News, Sept. 11).

I’m sure he is one of those drivers who feels it his God-given right to enforce the rules. He likely drives in the left lane just to make sure nobody will exceed 50 km/h on a four lane street that can easily handle traffic at 70 km/h.

I never see accidents on Benvoulin Road, which has a posted speed limit of 70 km/h as traffic flows freely.

I fully support going slow on residential streets. I’m  often ticked off by those who race down my own road.

However, major traffic arteries are meant to move traffic, so having those with lots of time on their hands and a penchant to make everyone bend to their wishes to drive slower only encourage dangerous actions like passing.

B.C. is one of the few jurisdictions in the world that has not raised speed limits in recent years. Many states and European countries recognize that a modern car is far more able to safely drive faster than the 1950s automobile tank that is the model B.C. highway engineers use as a road planning base.

Please Clayton, move over and let the rest of us drive.

Bruce Stevenson,

Autoslalom director,

Okanagan British Car Club

Kelowna Capital News