An artist’s rendition of the proposed Freedom House at Rutland Road and McCurdy Road in Kelowna.—contributed

Facebook commenters on Freedom’s Door approval

Readers on the Kelowna Capital News Facebook page chimed in on Freedom House in Rutland

Readers on the Kelowna Capital News Facebook page chimed in on the debate over Freedom House in Rutland, approved by Kelowna city council.

JoAnne McKenzie:

A recovery house that betters the lives of people shouldn’t be a problem in any area. People just need to educate themselves. So here’s hoping they go ahead with the building.

Terry Beaver:

If you want a recovery house so bad then let them all come live with you and see how fast you change your mind. With all the criminal activity and drugs around here and the cops don’t do a damn thing about it.

Kim Tancsa:

I used to live in Vancouver and worked as a nurse on Vancouver downtown east side. These issues happen everywhere and the more resources we have the better. Addiction is a reality, it can’t be swept under the carpet.

Kaitlin Dobson:

Drugs are most likely already in the schools, especially the high school. This house will have no impact on kids. It needs to happen. People need the next step to their recovery so they can get back into the community in a healthy way. I 100 per cent support this house.

Shannon Doiron:

A sober housing and recovery place with required abstinence is way better than some crack house with constant police raids. That happens in all neighbourhoods.

Carmen Margetts:

Nothing wrong with a recovery house but not appropriate one block from two schools and trust me I’m educated on recovery houses and the back alley shenanigans as my brother is recovering from addictions himself.

Tammylee Bagg:

A recovery house is finally a step in the right direction in Kelowna with the extent of addiction issues

Darrell Francis:

A much needed resource. Just in case you haven’t followed the news lately, there’s an epidemic drug problem in this city.