Facebook readers respond.

Facebook readers respond.

Facebook readers respond on park caretakers

The stories are extremely interesting and the history lesson is greater than a museum visit

Readers on the Kelowna Capital News Facebook page responded to our recent story detailing plans by the Regional District of Central Okanagan. Here are a few comments.

I would like to encourage the RDCO board to take a hard second look at the destruction of the Woodhaven home. I do not know the other homes, so I can not speak for them. But the Woodhaven home has significant Kelowna history and many stories abound from this home. I also encourage the RDCO to listen to the history that has been gathered from the research of Miss L. Mairs who tends to the needs of the park and will give you a story if asked. The stories are extremely interesting and the history lesson is greater than a museum visit. A huge asset to the visitors of the park and the community and Tourism Kelowna. The Commissionaires can turn a key and open and close a gate, but they do not carry the wealth of information that is available from the Nature Conservancy of Woodhaven’s forest, and history lessons. Perhaps the RDCO could take a look at how the Scotish people preserve Robbie Burns Cottage and honor Joan and Jim Burbridge for saving this gem of a forest for all of the community to enjoy.

—Denise Ketler

At the public financial plan meetings it became clear there are no cost savings and the ongoing maintenance of the houses could be covered by the rents. The RDCO has provided no financial rationale that stands up to scrutiny.

—Nancy Holmes

This board seems to be in trouble. whenever elected officials withhold information from the public about what they are doing and why they are doing it indicates they are hiding something completely unpalatable to the voting public. They have turned deaf ears to the electorate and need to be called to account for what they are doing with our money.

—Gwen Torgunrud